The Dog (Sun)Days are Just Beginning 

Sundays: I get pawed in the face. I’m still trying to sleep. Good morning to me.

Sundays: I wake up to hairy black critter staring at me. He has made himself at home in the covers. I’m sure there are little black hairs everywhere. I guess I’ll have to wash the sheets.

Sundays: He turns into a boulder that is impossible to move. Good luck trying to push me over for more room. I’m smarter then I look.

Sundays: I finally roll him over. He sprawls out and takes up even more more. And oh, what a lovely view.

Sundays: He takes lazy day to a whole new level. He won’t get up. He peaks at me slightly and is angry that I’m making too much noise. Watch that attitude; I’m the one who buys you food and takes you for walks.

Sundays: He refuses to wake up. He won’t move. So I just have to make the bed with an added bump. It’s not ideal, but it will do.

Sundays: I finally get him to move. Not far, but he moves. Finally, I can continue on with the rest of my day. He won’t help, but he sure does look cute.

Happy Sunday everyone!


Marlee and me


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