Fall, It’s Tail Waggin’ Good


Marlee and Me woke up today with a beautiful picture from our window. The leaves were falling from the trees, lining the pavement with a orange, yellow, and brown frame. There was a calming breeze blowing, making the temperature a comfortable 70 degrees, and the sun was shyly peaking out from behind a shaded cloud.

You could tell it was going to be a good day.

Marlee was excited about the wind jacket weather and I was excited for the thicker jacket weather as well.

We both yawned, stretched out our tired limbs, and smiled.
Fall, oh sweet fall. It’s nice to see you again!

The beautiful weather is not the only thing Marlee and me get excited about when it comes to the beginning of fall. There are multiple factors that make this season our favorite.

The main reason of course is the fall flavors offered at Starbucks. This does not entice me too much, but if you ask Marlee, she would say she is obsessed.

She will drink hazelnut, pumpkin spice, and the newest addition to the fall flavors, toasted graham. When it comes to fall and lattes, Marlee has a serious addiction problem, and unfortunately, I don’t think they offer rehab. She even jokes that her entire paycheck is spent on Starbucks’ Lattes, and while I am glad she is getting a belly full of satisfaction, I also fear she will forget about my belly and my needs. This dog still needs to eat and this dog still likes toys. So fall you are beautiful, and lattes I am sure you are delicious, but remember to leave Marlee some money for little ole’ me.

Fall also allows us to say hello to the pumpkin pie and apple pie season, and luckily for Marlee and me, say goodbye to the swimsuit body season. Pie and swimsuits do not mix as well as pie and ice cream, and for Marlee and me, we like to drown ourselves in apple pie and ice cream. Well it’s more like she drowns herself in pie and ice cream, and I get the limited amount of left over crust and melted vanilla bean. But I still wag my tail and lick my snout, because after all, it’s better then kibble.

Fall allows Marlee to break out her sweaters, scarves, and boots. She has a large collection and impatiently waits to wear them. When this season does blow back around, she will spend hours coordinating cute outfits for the work week ahead. The bedroom turns into a dressing room, the night becomes an episode of Project Runway, and I turn in to a serious fashion critic. I can’t really give her the thumbs up or the thumbs down, but I do tell her what I like with a simple look. If I like the outfit, I will stare at her with serious eyes, and if I dislike the wardrobe choice, I will cover my eyes with my front paws. This method seems a little bizarre, but does seem to work quite nicely. After she is done modeling her outfits, I break out my tiny, white boots and my heavy black jacket and do a little strut across the floor. She looks at me, nods her head, and says “that is the perfect look for you. It is like you were born wearing it.”

  “No, that outfit is so not cute.”   

      “But check out my Fall swag.”


“No, mom. This is not my idea of my fall wardrobe.”

Fall also brings some much needed peace and relaxation. As the colder months start creeping in, the work hours lessen, which provides more time for Marlee and me to bond. We take more walks without sweating our tails off, we spend more time snuggled under blankets watching movies, and we get more chances to play with squeak toys and leaves. Lazy days are what we look forward to. She gets more time at home and I get more time with her.


“There is just so much extra play time with Marlee, which makes me too excited. The aftermath of my excitement is a headless duck and another trip to Pet Smart…”

Finally, the fall season brings the anticipation for the best holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner. I haven’t been around with Marlee on these two holidays yet, but I do hear good things.

I hear stories about gaining ten pounds eating too much turkey and mashed potatoes. I hear stories about grandma baking four different bins of Christmas cookies. And I hear stories about a fat man sliding down the chimney to bring toys.

The fat man breaking into the house sounds kind of sketchy to me, but the toy part, I can live with. Bring me a new squeaking duck and I will be okay with you sliding down my chimney.

But most importantly, I hear stories about celebrating love for your family, friends, and of course Jesus, all while stuffing your face, decorating the house, playing in leaves and snow, and singing and dancing along to holiday jams. That sounds pretty awesome to me.

So fall, welcome back. Stay while. I can’t wait to spend time with you.


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