The Start of the Week is ‘Ruff’

Many of you have already experienced the Monday morning blues, but as for Marlee and me, our work week is just beginning and we are singing the Tuesday morning blues.

The start of the work week brings out many different feelings and emotions in people. They are stressed. They are tired. They are miserable.  And unfortunately, if you are unhappy at the beginning of the work week, the rest of the week is not going to get any better.

So, Marlee and me have come up with a list of things that workers can do to make the work week not such a downer.


  1. Make yourself look good. Pick out a cute outfit, spruce up your hair and makeup, and brush and floss those pearly whites (I prefer a good dental stick). If you’re like Marlee, your outfit of choice for the beginning of the week will be an owl sweater. She says the owl sweater doesn’t just make her happy, but it makes others happy. After all, there are just so many puns you can make on the first day back to work when wearing an owl sweater. Anyway, back to the point…If you look good, you will feel good, which will make you work good.image
  2. Consume some caffeine. Wake yourself up in the morning before you fall asleep at your desk on a puddle of drool. Marlee starts her day with either a Red Bull or Hazelnut Latte. I myself, just prefer some good ole’ H2O to get myself feeling good. Sometimes that extra jolt is all you need to get hyped up for the day ahead.image
  3. Eat a healthy breakfast. Grandmas around the world are always saying “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Listen to your grandmas! Start your morning out with a little something. Try a Nutrigrain bar, a bowl of oatmeal, or a nice big dish of kibble. When you’re hungry, you’re cranky, and that my friends is no good. Fill yourself up, so your stomach doesn’t yell at you all morning, putting you in a bad mood.
  4. Listen to some upbeat music, or if you’re Marlee, make up the appropriate jingle to go along with your outfit. She was up all morning singing “I don’t give a hoot. No, I don’t give a hoot.” She even made her arms into wings and did a little ‘owl jig.’ I’m not saying you need to take that strange of a route to brighten up your morning, but you can turn on the radio and maybe sing along with a tune or two.
  5. Put a smile on your face, and do what Vitamin C tells you to do, and make the world a better place. People always say that smiles are contagious. It is true. If you show people you’re happy, then they will be happy.image
  6. Don’t stress over all you have to catch up on. Just breathe and tackle one thing at a time. Maybe create a check list of what needs done, and as the check marks start coming, you’ll start feeling more relaxed. Just don’t worry. You’ll get it all done. You are all rock stars!
  7. Have a positive attitude. I know starting the work week is not the most thrilling part of your life, but having a negative attitude won’t make it any better. In fact, it will make it even more miserable. If you are in a bad mood, then everyone else around you will be in a bad mood. If you’re servicing guests, like Marlee does, then this will be bad for business. Wake up, tell yourself it will be a great day, give yourself a pat on the back, and walk out the door. That positive attitude will make for a fantastic day for not only you, but for everyone!
  8. Make plans for the weekend. If you have something exciting to look forward to, then you will work even harder to get there. Work weeks are hard, but the weekends are amazing!
  9. Make your after work evening a relaxing one. Prop up your paws (I mean feet) on the coffee table, turn on some Netflix, and just ‘chillax.’ After all, you worked hard and you deserve it.
  10. Most importantly, don’t forget about us dogs. We have had a rough start to the work week as well. You did wake us up early with all that noise from your hair dryer. Feed us kibble, give us a treat, rub our belly, and take us for a walk. We love you and we will brighten up your week even more if you put us in a good mood.



So, after reading all these tips, Marlee and me hope your work week will be grand. And if it’s not, just put on an owl sweater and say “I don’t give a hoot.”


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