Lovin’ Jesus Every ‘Dog-on’ Day

Marlee and me couldn’t make it to church today. She had another busy day at work, and unfortunately for me, she wouldn’t let me drive myself. She also wouldn’t let me walk there. Her and my father have me on a short leash…literally.

I felt bad. We should be in church, after all it is Sunday, and that is where the Bible tells us to be.

I sat on the couch, gazing out the window in deep thought…

Then it came to me. Shouldn’t every day of the week be a Sunday? Shouldn’t we go to church everyday?

Now hear me out. I don’t mean we need to sit in a pew in front of the pulpit everyday listening to a pastor give a message on faith, sin, or love. I mean we need to praise and love Jesus everyday of the week, like it is a Sunday.

Make everyday church.

Read your Bible when you wake up in the morning, while enjoying a cup of coffee or even a bowl of kibbles. It will make you feel a lot more joyful then waking up to all the tragedy on the morning news.

Fellowship with the people you work with. Make sure they know how much Jesus loves them.

Witness to people you run into on the street or at the gas station. You never know when someone is having an off day and really needs to feel not only your love, but the love that Jesus offers. Warm them with your smile and lend a cheerful ‘good morning’ and ‘God bless you.’

Also, praise Jesus through song and prayer all the way through your day. See how much that lifts your spirits. It might not include an organ or a choir, but turn on some K-Love, raise the volume up, roll down the windows, stick out your head, and sing at the top of your lungs.       That will wake you up more than a cup of coffee.


Praise Jesus everyday. Love Jesus everyday. Make church happen everyday!

Just remember, Jesus loves you every single day of the week. He doesn’t just love you on Sundays and forgets about you the rest of the week.

Be as consistent with your love for Jesus as he is with his love for you!!

I know I am just a dog, but that was some powerful stuff.



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